film evf leica hybrid

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Re: film evf leica hybrid

I am not advocating losing the viewfinder
Maybe add a small digital camera above the lens.
even with a DOF review not there the advantages are pretty cool imho

Ijk1985 wrote:

I think you'd kill film only advantage:

-relaively cheap rangefinder, M9/M8/RD-1 are digital, but damn expensive: no place to built in sensor with mirror system
-MF dslrs: They have large, bright VF, but lose it with built in sensor.
Another issue:

-FF sensor must be used because you have to get the same field of view and DOF. But FF sensors are very expensive, and again where would you place it?
I wonder, would you place Delete button on backside?:D

I suggest learn the photography on digital camera, then get a film camera.

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