basic test w/ Kenko Teleplus PRO 300 1.4x

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basic test w/ Kenko Teleplus PRO 300 1.4x

After reading numerous discussions on TCs, I finally got one from an eBay seller in Hong Kong ($155 brand new). Since I was a bit hesitant if a TC was worthwhile and also hesitant whether to buy it from HK, I thought I'd share the results for anybody else who is having similar deliberations.

DISCLAIMER: this post is intended to be a simple FYI. The test methodology was quick and dirty.

Here's my setup:
Body: Canon 5D Mk I
Lens: Canon 50mm f1.4
tripod + timer to avoid camera shake

Shot settings:
ISO: 50
aperture: f5.6
shutter: 1/125 and 1/100, without and with TC, respectively

Image results viewable and downloadable from:

2 files are the original images taken w/ and without TC.

2 files are crops of the original images to see the label in more detail. no resizing/resampling applied, so the crop without the TC will understandably be more pixelated since it will be a greater magnification of the original image.

I actually took a number of shots at different settings, but these are fairly representative of them.

Conclusions: TC works well if I need the extra range. I also tried resizing/resampling the image without the TC, but I still preferred the results from the TC.

TBD: I have yet to compare identically framed images using a zoom lens with and without TC. I expect the TC images to be noticeably softer, but I'm not sure to what degree. Stay tuned for the results from that test...

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