G11 shutter delay

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Re: The answer is simple...

To gadget:

Good of you to write to Canon. I think more compact camera users have to do exactly what you did. I really think most people who shoot with compacts are either unaware of the question of shutter lag or simply unconcerned. They simply accept the problem as being inherent in the design of all compact point and shoots.

I doubt the following information is useful to you, but just for the record: On these forums I've seen postings by users of the Ricoh GX and GR series of compact cameras. I don't know which models specifically, as I've never shot with any of them. There seems to be a consensus among many compact camera shooters that some of the Ricohs were in the forefront of reduced shutter lag performance times.

From my own experience, I can say that the only compact I've ever shot with that was capable of capturing well-timed shots of moderately fast action IN PRE-FOCUS MODE is my discontinued Canon SD 800 IS ELPH. It's been discontinued for two years, but Canon has so many similar SD series cameras that I'm sure there are others that feature the same shutter mechanism. At any rate, my SD 800 IS had rather limited exposure and flash options, produced pictures of only high-average image quality, and could produce only JPEG files.

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