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the AF wont be changed just yet.

I hope it's not true. so no need to buy or upgrade if this is not changed soon. but for me I don't think I'm going to upgrade sooner. I'm happy with my E-30.

Its a very fast and accurate system as it stands.

it's not fast at low light nor accurate in all situations. maybe you didn't notice but really there is a problem with accuracy sometimes because of the AF system itself.

What is needed is a better sensor, to produce a nicer image. Lower noise or higher > dynamic range, the current 12MP sensors should be enough.

well, the current noise level and DR is good enough for most of us. but many here are trying to proof that Olympus system is the best for OOC JPG. I see no shame if you spend some more time doing PP. the final result is the most important.

IQ is excellent. need some retouches and no need to proof to other that OOC jpg is awesome. we want to see nice photos and we don't care if there was PP or OOC jpg. OOC jpg will not makes me a hero or true photographer.

The body could be improved to house a 6-8 fps continuous shooting, that should be more useful.

always faster is better and cause no harm to us. but how many do need more than 5 fps?

I set my Continues shooting at 3 fps and sometimes I raise it to 4. but never used 5fps as it's too fast for me or for my photography type. I didn't shoot sport yet. also I don't mind at all a faster fps since others could use and need more than 5 fps.

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