Aperture/ISO Hypothetical question

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Too hypothetical

garyb1985 wrote:

Heres a hypothetical situation for you all

I have an f2.8 lens which is very decent wide open but razor sharp at f4

Depends on the lens.

My D300 gives me acceptable noise at ISO 400 but gets a bit noisy by ISO 800

Depends on the light.

For the purposes of this situation lets also say that DOF is irrelevant to the final picture...

I presume then that your subject is a flat target shot at a 90° angle.

To get an acceptable shutter speed, i can either use f2.8 @ ISO 400 or f4 @ ISO 800.

No flash, I presume.

From a purely abstract point of view, you are asking about a trade-off between sharpness and noise which vary based on the lens and the conditions, and have to be evaluated subjectively. Hypothetically , if you can selectively sharpen the subject with the less sharp aperture, you may get it reasonably close to the sharper aperture while keeping background and shadow noise tamed.
Anthony Beach

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