Questions you never had the courage to ask....

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Questions you never had the courage to ask....

Hello guys,

i hope i won't get my head bitten off for asking this, it's just that i've been wondering for so long and i can't find a straight answer anywhere.

I'm a Leica fan, but the variety that could never afford real Leica products, so i'll stick to the closest thing, my beautiful baby, the LX3, until i'm rich and famous and i can buy myself a third-hand M9.

Anyway, the main question that came to my mind when the M9 was announced and i went though the specs was: HOW????

What i mean is, how could Leica fit a massive FF sensor in such a small camera (M9 of course), then fit an APS sensor in an even smaller camera (X1)?

I had been following and thinking about eventually buying into the Micro Four Thirds system as i really want a small-ish camera with a big sensor, for obvious reasons we all know.

And that's when the second question came to me: why is no one (apart from Sigma) going towards this route? Why are Canon and Nikon not working on smaller cameras with FF or even APS sensors?
Is it all economics, so that they don't damage their DSLR market?

Smaller cameras with big sensors are the way to go, so why do we get so few cameras like this?

Leica has a camera with a sensor double the size of Micro Four Thirds, in a body that's pretty similar in size to an EP1. Which makes me think, what's the big fuss about M43?

Is a camera like an M9 so expensive to make (and therefore priced) that there is no market for it outside of Leica devotees? The M9 is practically handmade, surely there is a way to make an M9 'clone', produce it in a factory line at a much cheaper production cost, and therefore easier to market.

So many questions, but what does everyone think on the subject?

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