One more comparing IDC, SilkyPix, ACR: sharpness, blacks, whites, color reproduction

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One more comparing IDC, SilkyPix, ACR: sharpness, blacks, whites, color reproduction

RAW - Alpha 700 cRAW, AdobeRGB, incamera "Custom WB", firmware v4, iso 200
JPGs - sRGB, pre-excellent compression quality

preview of images:

left image - ACR 4.4 - all default
middle image - IDC 3 ( - all default, DRO off, HCDR off
right image - SilkyPix - all default
(traffic 3MB per 6 images)

My conclusions: IDC does the best color, but lacks on sharpness (3rd image) and burning blacks (4th, 6th images), and I cannot find significant difference between ACR and SilkyPix versions except 4th and 6th - here ACR burns whites out.

What I found out else - that SilkyPix does very good AWB and interesting contrast feature, it appears both on luminance and color.

ACR is well-known about great user-friendly interface and flexibility when using it in LR, but very bad colors and exposure by default.
IDC is not good for fine-tuning conversions, because of
1) user unfriendly interface,
2) awful realization of XMLs:

2a) they do not write to XML WB color temperature, if you choose "Specify grey point" - they store coordinates on that grey point in XML, so if you apply such XML to amount of photos, WB of each of them would be... not correct.....

2b) default storage folder of XMLs is not the same folder (wrere is ARW) - it is "My Documents\Image Data Converter SR\Settings", and if you choose another folder, it will not be remembered.
3) All values of "contrast", except 0 looks awfully

4) not enough power of sharpness, not very good work of this feature, not very clear what to do with each of 4 sliders, that control sharpness (compare it with LR, or "unsharp mask" in PS - both with good 1:1 preview)

5) bad idea of 2 rendering modes: fast (100% zoom not supported) and slow, very slow rendering in both.

6) trying to save ARW gives only ability to reconvert it to the latest version of ARW... but if I want only save new post-processing values???

DRO works good in IDC

creative styles and HCDR - interesting features, but they totally not specified, what they do? with such rendering speed it becomes not interesting.

It would be great, if Sony release LR-plugin, or calibration module for LR, but they will not do it.

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