230,000 dot LCD is pathetic

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flawed argument

stealthman_1 wrote:

shaocaholica wrote:

So Leica's market base are out of touch with Leica? Ditch the preview LCD on a digital camera? If you don't want/care about previewing your photos, why not stick with the film M? Or better yet, turn off the preview function. Hell, why not just go back to film altogether, ditch the meter and batteries and make it an all mechanical camera and charge $10k for it.

Well a really nice A la Carte M7 or MP is $6 grand...and with the MP you surely can pitch the batteries and shoot with it...and it's still currently in production! It's seems you are the one who's out of touch...with everything photographic that's not Canon, Sony, or Nikon.

My D3 sits mostly on a shelf, my Ebony 8x10 sees more use than the D3 does, and my film Leicas shoot almost every day.

If I were to be in the M9 market, I'd rather have the ISO on a wheel like the old Ms and could very easily live with just a small histogram, could even live without that. Bracketing is much cheaper with a digital, so who needs a review screen at all?

Your argument is flaw, IMHO.

If you are in teh market for a M9, obviously you are going digital. When was the last time you saw a digital camera without a LCD rievew function?

If you are NOT in the market for a M9, then I can understand, but this point is moot because teh M9/8/8.2 are the only cams with LCD screens from Leica and they are all digital.

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