Is Photography Art?

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Re: So Charlie...a question....

Charlie Self wrote:

Jeez, who cares. If you think it's hart, go for it. I do NOT think it's art. All your writing won't change that, but, in fact, others think it is, so I'm forced to allow it a marginal position in the art world.

We were discussing art in relation to something being worthy of copyright. Your off-the-edge comment about my opinions, and my bigotry--which youhave yet to explain

Well, IF we judge things, and/or others based soley upon our own limited personal subjectivism...we then ultimately adopt a form of bigotry, reckneckism, rigid right-wingness (or whatever you might like to call it)...rather than an open minded "objective" approach.

Personally, I choose to not let my own individual tastes dictate how I categorize and/or behave in regard to humanity as a whole. What I internally like (or dislike) has no influence on the reality of things.


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