New Canon S90 samples.

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Re: So, what's wrong with the lens? Specifically?

IQ is one area I wont make a trade off for, as far as these PS's go, the one with the best IQ and speed is the winner.

NesutoNeko wrote:

"This camera doesnt compare to the cameras you speak of, however it does compete with the LX3 and it seems to be falling way short on that mark. "

Well it was being compared to the G11 and that was the main camera I was speaking of - I only mentioned the others to emphasize my point that we are comparing a compact to a larger, bulkier camera that can house a larger, bulkier lens. Regarding the LX3, we'll see if the S90 is actually any worse in the IQ department. As it stands now, I have no idea if it will be but I suspect that they will be close. Again, a moot point for me because I have no interest in an LX3 for reasons I've already stated in this thread.

The S90 checks a lot of boxes for me - if the trade off for this is "inferior IQ to camera (insert model of your choice here), so be it. I'm confident it will have very good IQ for a camera of it's size, pricepoint and feature set.

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