With X1 Leica Proves To Be An Innovator...

Started Sep 9, 2009 | Discussions thread
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It's not innovation without adoption...

...innovation without adoption may be art, but it's not a sign of an innovation that the world has been waiting for.

I'm afraid I'm with Joe on this one... they're not first. They're not terribly different. other than their price point, which is high enough that it would call into question whether they've innovated or just created a beautiful work that really doesn't work for a living.

At that price point there are dozens of image making options. I'll be really interested to see what the x1 might have that's so much better than any of the alternatives in the same price range. I have been so eager to have a large sensor compact to do what I used to use my Konica S3, hexar AF, and Oly SP for - up close and personal and unobtrusive people work. Using the Sigma was like having to wrestle your camera - it had so many weird little flaws. I'll be thrilled if this turns out to be an image capture tool worth the money. But at least on paper, it's intriguing but not compelling, i think the expression goes.

The M9 however, has my rapt attention.

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