What a day! or maybe I should say....

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Jim Radcliffe
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What a day! or maybe I should say....

What a Crazy Day!

I've read with much amusement and interest the posts praising and knocking Leica's new offerings. I've spent free time throughout the day reading posts here and on other forums regarding today's unveiling of the M9 and X1.

The Signal to Noise Ratio is Out of this World

People are going nuts over both of these cameras without having touched them at all. They've yet to use them or process a file yet they seem to either love them or hate them. I'm going to wait and see what some of the talented photographers here and in other forums do with the M9. I'll have to wait a bit longer to see what the X1 user does with it.

Leica Should Be Applauded for the M9

For a company that is known to move at a snail's pace and resist change, Leica acted as swiftly as they could to correct the deficiencies of the M8. Round of applause for them. In addition, they stayed true to their belief in the M line and appear to have not compromised their own standards.. more applause, please. Whether you love or hate Leica you have to appreciate their determination to be true to the marque. I have no doubt that further improvements will be made down the road.

The X1.. is a First Step

The X1 is such a welcome thing to see. A compact camera built to Leica standards in Solms with no doubt as to its pedigree. I am so happy to see this camera just because it proves that Leica recognizes the need for an entry level camera and filled a gap previously occupied by Panasonic. I think the X1 will be a success just because of its simplicity and Leica build. And more than a few will appreciate the auto-focus. The entry price, while steep compared to other camera makers is cheap when you consider it is a true Leica and all that entails.

The GF1 may offer more options for less money but it's not a Leica. I hate to sound like a FanBoy here, because I am not, as many here know, but I do understand the history and the mindset of Leica when it comes to actually making a camera rather than rebadging one. Love it or hate it, you have to appreciate the effort that went into the X1 on Leica's part.

The constant DSLR vs Range Finder Discussion

Isn't it funny that the DSLR crowd comes in droves when Leica releases a new digital rangefinder? They come more often to argue its shortcomings (compared to a DSLR) than anything else.. and most of those shortcomings are from the eyes of a DSLR user looking at an alien object they don't quite comprehend. Best advice.. ignore them.. no point in arguing, they will eventually go away and enjoy toting their 25 pound camera bags again and firing off 7 frames a second.

The Proof of Success Will Be in Sales

I believe that both cameras will sell well. The M9, though out of my price range, is the M Digital we all wanted to begin with. The X1 is the less expensive entry level camera we all wanted (minus interchangeable lenses). I think both of these cameras might end up with a waiting list.

Did I forget to mention the S2?

No, not really. It's not for those of us who inhabit this forum. I wish Leica the best with it. I'm sure Seal will enjoy his, after all he got a great price on it!

What a Crazy Day and now we head into a Crazy Night

The forums will be buzzing and arguing for some time but I'm just waiting for real photos taken by talented photographers to appear. That's what it's all about anyway, the photographer and the images he produces with these new cameras.

You can argue specs all day but in the end, the images will speak for both the M9 and the X1. Don't suck up the samples posted by DPReview as the best that the M9 can produce.. wait and see what real photographers do with it. (No offense intended to the DPReview staff)

Thanks, Leica for one of the most interesting days in a long time.

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