Why is there so much shutter noise with all 4/3s?

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Re: Shutter noise - thanks and a summary

s_grins wrote:

Karsten, trust me, R1 has only electronic shutter. I have this camera for almost 5 years and can tell you for sure. All P&S cameras have this shutter - no exceptions. Build in lens shutter is nonsense. Also, many posts here are misleading and simply wrong and stupid. Try to approach to all information from critical thinking point

Oh, whoops, who is wrong and stupid and full of nonsense now? As many others have pointed out the R1 does in fact have a mechanical shutter. And in fact almost every compact camera does as well. You may be confused by the fact that in many implementations the start of the exposure is made electronically by reseting the pixels but the end of the exposure is defined by the closing of a mechanical shutter that protects the pixels from additional exposure during readout. Also confusing is the fact that in live view mode the imager is run in a rolling-shutter configuration that is also electronic but not appropriate for still image capture. It is also true that the vast majority of video cameras use a rolling electronic shutter, again not appropriate for still image capture. A true electronic shutter for still image capture takes up imager area for additional transistors in CMOS implementations or a storage well covered by the metalization layer in CCD implementations and is therefore rarely used in imagers designed for still image capture. If you see a camera advertising a shutter speed of 1/100,000 then you'll know it has a true electronic shutter in it, otherwise it is most likely purely a electro-mechanical shutter or a electronic reset follow by a shutter closing.

Finally, you might note that most compact cameras do a dark frame subtraction for long exposures. How do you think they are doing that? Oh, that's right - by closing the electro-mechanical shutter while doing an identical exposure! Perhaps this would be one of those "critical thinking points" you were mentioning?

In the future it might be wise to remove inflammatory words like "stupid" and "nonsense" from posts, especially when you don't actually know what you are talking about.
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