Why is there so much shutter noise with all 4/3s?

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Re: "Logically follows"

In addition to being nearly silent, leaf shutters give you flash sync up to the max shutter speed, without dedicated flashes or high speed sync. Most in-body shutters can't do that. Eventually, using sensor power on/off as the shutter will eliminate the need for that, but as of now, it's a fairly useful trick in certain circumstances, which is why leaf shutter lens are still made.

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Correct... in-lens shutter belongs to museums and history (1/500 is the best perhaps). I'm puzzled why folks discuss it!

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... Currently, the Leica S2 is planned to allow both alternatives: the body has a focal plane shutter, but the lenses also come in versions with their own built-in leaf shutters. The advantage of the shuttered lens is higher flash sync speeds.

Should also cite the negatives:

The disadvantage of in-lens leaf shutters is that they make lenses even that much more costly and they tend to limit the maximum speed of the lens (because the types of shutters are only so large in diameter).

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