Why so many LiveView without articulated LCD?

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Re: I use it all tme

I had wanted LV with an articulated LCD for a long time. So when the G1 came out, I bought it immediately. And I use it often, in two situations:

(1) portraits and informal small groups: People are much less lelf-conscious if you are not staring at them through a view finder. After a while, they simply forget that you are looking down at something in your hand. Works also for street photography.

(2) well-composed landscapes and nature photos. I find that I am better judge of composition if I see the "image" on a flat surface than if I look at "reality" through a window.

In any case, I just wish that my 5D Mk. II had a swiveling LCD.


snow4ever wrote:

When I was using DSLRs, I thought that articulating LCDs were just a gimmick, nothing that a serious photographer would ever use. But since I've been using a Lumix G1, I find I use the LCD quite often. Mainly I use it for low-angle shots, it's so much easier to pull out the LCD tilt it, and hold the camera down low, grid lines on the LCD are a huge help when I am framing a shot with the camera held low. Sure you can get down on the ground with a view-finder, but in a lot of cases that isn't practical, it's also just plain easier with a LCD.
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