Why is there so much shutter noise with all 4/3s?

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Re: Thanks for the SP ...

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Put me right off - I would consider 4/3 for its more compact size and silent operation.

Shutter noise means I might as well stay with my (albeit noiser) Canon dslr gear. Not compact not silent. I need both or nothing.

Did you already physically compare the shutter noise of both the MFTs and your DSLRs, or is it only hearsay ? if you didn't, then it is worth going in a shop and give it a try, comparing MFTs' models to your DSLRs.

I own a Canon 5D, a Leica M6 and the new E-P1. I can't speak for the Panasonics, but I have compared the noise of all the three cameras and the Canon DSLR is much more noisy than the E-P1. The Leica M is naturally more silent than the E-P1, but the smoothness of its shutter is one of the main reason it has been so famous. Compared to the Leica, the E-P1 has a more metallic noise, but it is still much much quieter than the Canon DSLRs; I'd say it is nearer of the Leica M than of the Canon DSLRs.

Will stick with my other compact digital gear - might not have the 'romance' of micro4/3 but at least it is silent (with artificial noises shut off).

Small compacts can be very silent, true. Personnally I've found that it is not always an advantage, when in noisy places, you are not really sure whether you have taken your picture or not. Some compacts do even offer the option to mimic the usual shutter noise in order to give an audible confirmation that the shot has been taken.

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