Why is there so much shutter noise with all 4/3s?

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leaf shutters in compacts?

s_grins wrote:

I do understand that DSLR cameras (those cameras with mirror and pentaprism) can't leave without mechanical shutter. I do believe that lens interchangeability has no relevance to a shutter (or I'm wrong badly).

I believe that compacts do also have mechanical shutters, but these are "leaf shutters" mounted in the lens mechanism rather than focal plane shutters, and since the lenses are of small apertures, these leaf shutters can be small and quiet.

For an interchangeable lens camera to use a leaf shutter, it needs one in each lens, and the larger lenses of larger formats require bigger shutters ... it makes the lenses far more expensive. Many medium format camera do use leaf shutter lenses (like Hasselblads), but it adds to the price. Also, maximum shutter speed is lower with leaf shutters.

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