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Re: Pictures & Gallery... Noob in here!

I'm not sure what you mean by the 1/focal length rule being affected by ambient light. The purpose of the rule is to provide a guide for the minimum shutter speed you should use in any light conditions. Although like any rule it was meant to be deviated from but doing so runs the risk of a blurry or less than ideally sharp photo. So basically if your shutter speed is significantly faster than the minimum than the problem you had in the flower photo was not related to your shutter speed.

So I'd just watch for that. I don't have access to your aperture and shutter speed for that photo so can provide further guidance.

Also remember that the smallest aperture is not the best for sharpness but rather for the greatest depth of field. Most lenses (especially the cheaper consumer zoom lenses) are their sharpest between 7.1-9.

Hope that helps.

paulogoncalves wrote:

@Reverb thanks for the comments.

some of the pics were taken with a Sony H9 (Superzoom PS), but the flower one was taken w my 1000D. You are saying that i was not as fast as I could when taking the picture? how can you tell what speed to use? i kinda do it by intuition, because the 1/focal length rule doesnt account for ambience light... and when reviewing the pics in the screen is not big enough to see that the photo is not as sharp.

Should I shoot in AV? and alway aim for the smalles aperture possible in order to gain sharpness?

For example this one i shot is pretty sharp where its focused

1/160 f5.6

thanks in advance,


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