af540gz flash stuck to k-20 : How can I remove it?

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Re: af540gz flash stuck to k-20 : How can I remove it?

awaldram wrote:

I think it depends how hard you are on equipment, My flash is 3 years old used regularly and no issue thus far.

Not meaning to dis the OP but his information make it sound like he's very hard on equipment.


1 flash bust up already.
only 3 screws in his foot.

The only way I can see from the design you can break the plastic plunger is if you lock the pin by pulling on the flash whilst at the same time operating the release.

This will cause the Plastic plunger to jam and bend against the held pin.

It is not possible to damage the plastic plunger by engaging the pin lock prior to full insertion as the design allows the pin to bounce freely on its spring.

You can test this off camera put the lever in the lock position so the pin protrudes then press the pin with you finger it will retract quite happily with no contact to the plunger.

I fear if the lunger was steel then users would just snap the lever or foot instead.
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My busted flash mount on my K100D is specifically because of this the pin getting locked and my spending over a month trying to remove it. Eventually it came off, but not after the damage was dealt. The flash actually still works, but that mount just doesn't work anymore. I wish I had known about this issue back then and I would have definitely tried to unscrew it.

Three pins on my flash is not proof of my beating up my equipment at all. There may have been a 4th pin, there may have not. No way to tell, which is why I didn't state that the flash never had a 4th pin because it is something I never noticed. QA didn't seem too hot when I bought everything the first time (case in point: I got a 50-200 lens whose box had woodchips in it. I replaced it for another, and it still had woodchips, albiet I kept it).

I've always known how to operate the flash as well as how to insert it (ie: make sure its finally inserted)

Finally, if the design is one that would cause many users to break should be revised. Part of design is making it as simple as possible for the user to use, as well as not break. This is something that sometimes escape engineers...we work with the something very well and know all the details of it that we may take steps/procedures for granted because they are already internalized within ourselves.

so you may have a point about using a steel piece instead of a plastic piece, but I'd still say, "change the design to something so this doesn't happen".

Anyways I'm glad it all works. I'll probably stop by a hardware store eventually to see if they have a proper size screw so I can replace that last missing screw. I do hope the pictures help for anyone interested. There are some good comments here about filling in the hole on the camera, or super gluing the bottom hole in for those who want to do so. But if you get caught in the problem and have to open up the flash to get it off....removing the pin itself becomes another option.

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