af540gz flash stuck to k-20 : How can I remove it?

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HOW TO flash mount removal + step by step pics

Here is what I used to do it - You really need something small and 'stubby' because there isn't much working room when the flash is stuck to the camera:

I used the pliers to loosen the screen and then I worked on removing it with that stub part.

Once I got the screws off the base came off easily. However, I only had three screws for some odd reason lol. I disconnected the ribbon cable on the top left

Here is the inside of the base of the flash. We can see the offending pin on the right corner. Now the pin actually has a flange on it. Its in between that circle little metal piece and the botton of the flash mount. This flange prevents the pin from going allll the way in or coming alll the way out. So this means that the circle metal mounting points need to be removed. I found two ways to do it: unscrew the whole circular metal assembly, or push the pin in the most outward position and then bend that circular mounting point. I chose the latter.

Also, there is a plastic little piece that fell off the metal piece. You can't see it well in this photo. Maybe if you take it and increase brightness you can see it. It wasn't on very secure...and honestly I have no idea how in the world it was supposed to move with the circular twist on the outside of the flash....

Here is the current result. It bent very easily with the pliers, and out came the pin + a little spring on it. Now on the pin you can clearly see the flanged design.

Now before I put it all back together I remembered my flash has a rattle in it. I didn't know from what. Since I had it taken apart I decided to shake it for a little bit...after a few shakes a little black piece came out...I looked at it and realized that this was the missing key! IT was a control arm that helped actuate the whole system...and this tiny little plastic piece (I can't believe it is PLASTIC of all things...) fell apart, and got lodged in my flash and was making that rattle sound. Now my lash doesn't have a rattle...shaking it produces only smaller whispers of ribbon cables jam packed left and right....

With the K20D great detail getter I got close with my 16-45, used the now working flash, and took a closer look. You can see from the deformation that this is indeed the control arm that was twisted off....

Well there you go. For anyone who buys this flash, remove that pin immediately! You will save yourself a LOT of heartache, and hopefully you won't lose a camera in the process like I did.


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