Wife's D90 Shots of Pittsburgh, Part 1

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Steven W. Bennett Veteran Member • Posts: 3,684
Re: Wife's D90 Shots of Pittsburgh, Part 1

MinoltaMan78 wrote:

Steven W. Bennett wrote:

Mrs. MinoltaMan is very good with a camera.
She should sign up and give us lessons.


My wife does artistic painting. For this reason she tends to have a better eye for composition than I posses. I am better with the technical aspects of operating a modern camera. My wife gets more keepers with the D90 than she did using a point-and-shoot.

I showed my wife your reply and she was most appreciative of your kind comments!

Hi Fred,

I'm a nuts and bolts guy like you. I could buy a $5000 camera and your
wife could out-shoot me with a Brownie! She is proof that there is a lot
of art in photography. I've got some musical talent but no visual.
Drawing a stick man is a challenge. Good pictures aren't much easier.

BTW, I visited Pittsburgh for a weekend awhile back. During the coal
days, Pittsburgh had a reputation for being a filthy dump with a layer
of soot covering everything. What a beautiful place it is now and what
a surprise to me!

Happy shooting, and a tip of the cap to Mrs. MM!


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