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a word about optical viewfinders

I'm basing the following observations about the S90 on the published specs, not on any actual tests:

The camera is exciting to me in that it offers a 28mm f/2 lens on the wide end and covers the head&torso/head&shoulder/head portrait focal lengths far better than the LX3, which I own and use frequently. But the S90's drawback in this area is that the lens loses speed rapidly as you zoom upwards, yielding an aperture of f/4.9 by the time you've reached 105mm. The LX3, in comparison, suffers a loss of only one stop over its entire (but more limited) focal length range of 24 to 60mm.

Putting aside comparisons between the two cameras of image quality, or image quality at ISOs higher than ISO 400, another clear advantage of the LX3 over the S90 is that it has an accessory shoe, permitting the use of external optical viewfinders. When we're looking for ways to shave milliseconds off the pre-focus shutter lag discussed in numerous posts above, optical viewfinders can be a valuable asset. When doing street photography with my LX3, I frequently use shoe-mounted 21 and 40mm Cosina Voigtlander optical viewfinders for composing. (Surprisingly, the CV 21 finder offers a more accurate FOV for the 24mm setting on the LX3 than that offered by the CV 25 finder.) As those two separate focal lengths are the ones that matter most to me for street photography, I'm little concerned that the optical finders offer no coverage for all the other zoom focal lengths like 28, 50 and 60mm.

And when you're looking for the utmost stability when doing handheld shots in marginal light, there's no better way to add rigidity to your stance than to hold the camera pressed up against your eye.

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