Nude Photographer's model arrested at the Met

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Re: ... which displays nude art, including live performance art...

Roger99 wrote:

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:

mamallama wrote:

It was OK on the subway, but not at the museum which displays nude paintings.

Nude paintings, sculptures, and photographs.

As well as live performance nude art from several female performers and at least one male performer that I know of, Chris Burden from around 1975.

I guess if you've got a "name" and critics talk about your "angst", you're an artist and can perform or display. The rest of us are just "pornographers".


Not pertinent to this particular discussion or intended in any insulting way, but it would do you well to learn the difference between naked and nude.

Quite simple really:
naked + pretentious = nude
nude - pretentious = naked

You want to tell me that all those Renoirs weren't intended to titillate?

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