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Re: f2.9 Update

I guess then in situation where the lens hood is not needed, but since it is taken out of storage (bag) with hood reversed, the user may not feel the inclination to reverse it to proper placement, take a shot and then have to reverse it again to store it.

Simply put - convenient. Or laziness. However you want to see it.

Another reason is flash. The hood does introduce artifacts when using inbuilt flash. And again, since the hood comes attached, probably easier to leave it in reverse than to take it out and risk losing it.

Hope these 2 reasons do at least provide some rational explanation why you see people shooting with the hood reversed. Or not.

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I have to explain. I never ever shoot with the lens hood reversed. I was only holding the camera out the back door pressing the shutter to see if the camera was going to blow out. I wasn't photographing anything particular.

I was trying to find out what caused it to blow out. I found out that it only blows out when it gets past 14mm.

I hope this explains why my lens hood was on backwards.

Thank you for explaining. Anyway, I seriously have seen quite a few people using their hoods backwars and wanted to know what the reason was.

It is also more compact for storage; with the lens hood attached backwards. May not be able to store with the lens hood on the right way.

I was not talking about storage, but actual use of the lens with reversed hood. For storage I understand that some people reverse it.

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