Snow Leopard- good for photogs?

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Re: Snow Leopard- good for photogs?

calson wrote:

Never a good idea to upgrade an operating system when it is first released if you really need to be able to use your computer after the update. Wait a month and let Apple find the bugs it missed initially and generate patches.

Good advice. The longer you wait, the better it will be.

The gain for photographers will come when Adobe releases a 64-bit version of Photoshop for OS X. Right now CS4 is 64-bit only for Vista which is truly bizarre as good luck finding a Vista PC that can physically hold more than 6GB of RAM and most only hold 4GB so the extra memory space possible is not really possible.

Two years ago I had a PC with 16GB RAM (HP XW8400 I think), many HP consumer-grade PC hold 8GB, and HP has a line that holds up to 192GB (Vista has a 128GB Max, But Windows 7 goes up to 192GB). So they do exist for professionals. But you are indeed correct that most consumer PCs use older chip sets that are limited to 4GB. (I'm not connected with HP, just like their stuff).
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