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Re: Sony Imagestation... Here's a way

Its a round about way.

If Public and Private album URL's bring a visitor only to the "join ImageStation" page, which I think they're doing now, just ask your visitor to search for your username at the top right and choose "Name" in the dropdown.

I'm Bikeman. If you do a search there's three listed. I'm the middle, the REAL Bikeman. This will bring you to a page with a couple Public albums in it. My 35 private albums are not listed.

It's a bit of a klutzy way to get into an album, but it circumvents the "join' commercial.

  • David

David_S85 wrote:
Hmmmm. I also tried this.

On one of the sites I run for a bike club, I have a photos page. I
had been using my ImageStation account and albums for that. A link

used to take the user directly to the album.

Now it takes the user to a "sign me up" page. This is not good.

Anyone know of a way around this?

  • David

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