Can a Digilux 2 and Digilux 3 coexist?

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Re: Can a Digilux 2 and Digilux 3 coexist?

Hi Ilko,

Thanks for the response!

I am new to shooting RAW, so I mainly set both cameras to JPEG mode and so far I am very pleased with the results. I am using Aperture to convert the few RAW files I've shot, but would love to try RAW therapy. So it would be great if you could email me your profiles!

As for noise reduction, I am using Nik's DFine and I am very pleased with the results so far.

It's funny how I developed the same fetish for the D2! I just cannot help it.!


CloudyBay43 wrote:


I had your dilemma already.. I have the LC1 and the L1 - I shoot

raw only so it's virtually same thing. Funny how I was planning to get the dlux4 for street shooting next month from Frankfurt Intl

With me it has become a simple choice between the 2: L1 being the havier

and the 'less Leica' one gets used less often and mostly for portrait and planned
assignments. The LC1, for which I have developed particular fetish
, has become my primary camera, in fact always with me in the car, it's a

love affair and it was at 1st sight. If I Have to lose one of them I'll choose the
L1.. Yet, as you'll find the L1 produces the cleaner image

My experiense with Ls so far which could be useful in your case:

1. Shoot only raw with either
2. I achieved best results in processing raw with Raw Therapee, hphd algo
I can email you my profiles if you like
3. L1s 14-50 glass is disappointing at 28/
Even at f2.0 / any fl
4. Noiseware does a good job on both, yet I am not denoising anymore -
5. There is a ever so slight magenta cast in my raw files in greyish / brown
Colors - I have managed to successfully lift in with the profiles in
2 above. Same more often and more pronounced in the case of LC1

well, it so much to say and praise but I'll stop here

Have great fun with both!
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