Wipe hard drive Partition freeware

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Re: For Jim and Zone8

I thought maybe you had something very sensitive on it and needed to make sure it was very securely erased.

Keep in mind that you can still recover files from a drive, even if the file system is destroyed where no filenames or date/time stamps associated with those files are recoverable.

I'd probably zero fill the partition using dd anyway, in case you did need to recover files later, despite a major file system problem (so that the data associated with the old files wasn't on the drive anymore and being picked up by specialized utilities if you ever got to that point).

Again, send an e-mail to the address in my profile and I'll be happy to talk you through it using the GParted Live CD you already downloaded (I'm pretty sure it's got dd on it already - even if it's not visible in any menus). It's pretty easy to do once you've done it. But, to someone new to Linux, the naming conventions for drives and partitions can probably be a bit intimidating (and I wouldn't want you to overwrite the wrong partition by accident). So, we can use fdisk -l and find the partiton for it (and even browse it to make sure it's the right one before overwriting it).

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