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For Jim and Zone8

This is my normal "work partition" and used for all new image downloads from my compact flash cards as well as it has all index files plus thumbnail files of ALL the images I have backed up over the past 58 years -- so, it has a lot of file names that can be recovered with my recovery software,  File Scavenger. As mentioned in my first post, my test indicated it has well over 200,000 files that can be recovered and many of these are on my "in home" and "off site" backup hard drives -- so I don't need them and just want to "reset the drive to 00 (NO) data" and start over.

However, that is the reason I want to "wipe this partition" to get rid of the many thousands of file names that are NO longer needed even if I had a disaster regarding this Partition.

I keep "Everything" on this partition backed up at all times with the exception of my last downloads are not backed up (for a short period of time - in hours) -- then, I will backup the RAW (CR2) plus converted .TIF files to another hard drive that is removable by means of using hard drive racks. I have 2 racks in this computer plus several internal drives and also have external drives that are used.

Hopefully this will better explain what and why I need to wipe the partition -- of course the wipe to be after copying existing "current working" files and folders to another drive then copy back after completing the wipe operation.

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