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Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

Thanks for your reply:

The drive is a WD 320 GB RE2 5 year warranty drive. Would the Data Lifeguard for Floppy or for Cd be what you are referring to. I don't find anything that is "generally" referred to as a "wipe disk file" or something similar.

I prefer to NOT wipe the entire drive since there are some important Image Backup files on the 2nd Partition "G".

The utilities (Western Digital has one you can download) will totally wipe the disc - whether there are oartitions or not. It is a disc utility. The one you mentioned can be used to write zeros, so that will erase everything and make the disc as new.

The only thing you can do is reformat the partition you want to delete info from (via My Computer - right click and select Quick Format). However, that will NOT remove the MBR (Master Boot Record).

You would do better making copies of those images on the partition - on to an external USB HDD or on CDs so that you could then use the Western Digital utility (or one of those I gave links to) to make the disc as though it had just come from the factory. If you have a MBR on the drive - especially if XP or Vista - you will run into trouble.




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