Wipe hard drive Partition freeware

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For Jim -- Re: Wipe hard drive Partition freeware

The message was too long when used as a reply so I have used this method to reply:

Hello Jim, First may I say that you are a VERY devoted person with helping others.

Also, your information is always presented (in detail) with specific syntax and other details and I really appreciate that method when offering help for others.

I will download the program(s) and/or other information you have explained and review it and I am sure that I should not have serious issues with understanding after I have devoted the proper time to review. Most of my Computer background started during the DOS days with the various IBM Computers (both large and smaller) and all the many operating systems and programming languages that I seemed to "stay up to my chin" with learning and programming using the various languages. Also, I was in Management and responsible for all Systems Design, Programming, and Operations for a complete Division of a large Corporation. However, I always stayed current with each of the various Operating Systems and Programming languages while in the Management positions.

Later, with the PC Computers; I designed and programmed systems in the Medical, Agricultural, Nursing Home care, Real Estate, and other areas.

Since the "wipe one partition" is a somewhat one time need, it is obvious that I was trying to "be lazy" and not have to devote the usual time and attention -- but, I now believe that I should do as I usually do and devote the proper attention since I MAY also need to use this in the future.

Jim, thanks again and after I have completely reviewed, I will contact you for any needed help -- beyond what you have already "graciously" provided.

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