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GParted does *not* securely erase

GParted is a partition editor.

It is not designed to securely erase a drive or partition.

It's a tool you'd use to rearrange a drive's partitions (for example, resizing a partition, adding a partition, or deleting a partition. It can also format a partition.

But, that does not securely erase anything. All you're doing to updating the partition table in the master boot record, moving any data around for resizing, or formatting the file system on an individual partition (which doesn't overwrite everything on it).

Heck, I've deleted partitions, added partitions and more with it and still managed to recover both data and partitions using another utility after using it.

To erase data so that it's not easily recoverable, you have to overwrite everything on partition (or on the sectors that were being used by it).

Note that I would not delete a partition using GParted if you want to securely erase it, because that will make it much harder to erase (since you'd need to know the byte offsets of where the partition originally started and stopped in order to completely overwrite it).

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