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Re: Wipe hard drive Partition freeware

Zone8 wrote:

The best way to totally make a drive "as new" is to download a simple utility, to run either from a floppy or CD, as provided by hard drive manufactiuers.

Go to the website for the maker of your drive and look for a simple utility to totally wipe the disc clean. As run from DOS, will take quite a time to complete. This is the only way I know to really remove everything. Reformatting and most utilities do NOT remove the MBR info.

Alternatively, check for a suitable one here:


To really wipe totally to make disc as though unusued, you need to use one as described.

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Thanks for your reply:

The drive is a WD 320 GB RE2 5 year warranty drive. Would the Data Lifeguard for Floppy or for Cd be what you are referring to. I don't find anything that is "generally" referred to as a "wipe disk file" or something similar.

I prefer to NOT wipe the entire drive since there are some important Image Backup files on the 2nd Partition "G".

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