Focus & Recompose K7 Owers

Started Sep 4, 2009 | Discussions thread
magomago Regular Member • Posts: 214
Re: Focus & Recompose K7 Owers

Is your DOF adequate enough? Are you recomposing translationally, or are you introducing pivots into it as well? I honestly dont know how people can do that...i pick my Focus Point every time lol.

mgerpe wrote:

Quick question for K7 Owners, for the majority of the portraits I take I have my subject in the center, focus (shutter down half way) then recompose the subject to the side of the frame. Lately the subject has been out of focus when i recompose to the side. I have tired AF-S & AF- C

Is the AF trying to refocus when i recompose? any advice? thanks everyone.

I was gonna manually move the AF point to the left or right but i couldn't imagine doing this every-time i wanted to shoot this way.

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