Vivitar filters ... opinions?

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Re: Vivitar filters ... opinions?

ST Richards wrote:

Fortunately for me, my father's old Pentax Sportmatix 35mm main
lense is 49mm meaning I can use it's Vivitar filters (red, green,
yellow, close-up, skylight, starfliter, etc.) with my 7i.

If you take pictures in BW mode, these filters will be able to do things you can't do very well in post processing. The green filter is good for skin tones. Yellow and red are good for outdoor shots, making the sky pop out and improving contrast in a lot of situations.

While you can simulate several of these effects in post processing from a color picture, you will get a better result from using a filter because you will have a higher signal to noise ratio. If you want to try this, make some experiments with color and BW shots. Remember to force white balance when using colored filters or the camera will try its best to compensate them away.

The skylight is basically useless, but the other filters all have a niche still. The starfilter is fun, although the effect is easy to simulate in post processing.

My question is ... what is your opinion on Vivitar filters?

They should be ok. I wouldn't use use them as "always on" filters (like a UV) because they most likely do not have multicoating, but for special circumstances they should be fine. Just be sure to use the hood with them as they will be sensitive to glare.

PS -- still planning on ordering the Hoya Pro UV filter for general
lense protection.

That's a good idea.

Have fun with your filters.

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