Hotpixels - any problems with K20/K7?

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Re: Hotpixels - any problems with K20/K7?

mjdundee wrote:

Hi Gordon,
Thanks for this usefull information. Coming from jpg I will try the RAW+ first.
Shooting 1000 keepers will probably take me two years.

One good thing with the K7 is that I learn to feel more safety and have better control thanks to the customizable brilliant and large screen. Being safe means taking less than ever before or really just one shot of a scenery, rely on the camera and to know instantly that it will really look like expected.

You'll probably get about 700 images shooting RAW+ with the K20D/K-7 with full size fine setting JPEG's ( not ). As you say, the ability to have a camera that nabs most shots the first time and the ability to "chimp" the shots very well means that you will likely shoot only about twice this many but delete the non-keepers. As to filling a 16 GByte card in two weeks, that would be an extreme case while I was on vacation in an interesting place like Paris, and normally my Time To Fill (TTF) would likely be measured in years, too

Regards, GordonBGood

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