Wipe hard drive Partition freeware

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Re: Wipe hard drive Partition freeware

Boot into almost any Linux distro with a Live CD available (for example, SimplyMEPIS, which is free, where you can find more info and download links from http://www.mepis.org )

Then, use this command from a console (substituting the correct drive name for sda. where sda is the first drive in your system, sdb is the second drive in your system, etc.).

dd if= dev/zero of= dev/sda bs=1M

If you don't know the drives naming, just type this and you can get a list of drives and partitions:

fdisk -l

Basically, that dd command "zero fills" the entire drive, making it pretty securely erased unless you're using specialized forensic utilities.

If you want something that's even better, try this free utility (but, I'd make sure to unplug any drives you want to keep the data on before running it).


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