Spyder 3 Pro and screen calibration problem

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Re: Spyder 3 Pro and screen calibration problem

Ok so the tech fella has got back to me. After following his instructions. i can get the screen to a colour close to what the spyder calibrates too.

My problem is this colour is no where near true colour every thing looks yellow/green badly.

I have taken a photo of my gray card and printed it with no changes at all the print is almost a perfect match but on the screen it looks shocking. The colour correction is cyan/red -6 (towards/more cyan); Magenta/green -9(towards/ore magenta); Yellow/Blue +36(towards/more blue) these corrections where done in photoshop to get the screen to look like the print and gray card.

I am viewing both print and gray card under a 6500k daylight fluro being.

Other then the obvious mistake of buying a datacolor spyder where am I going wrong. I have change every thing i can thing of on this damn thing. I have a friend that has a colormunki and has calibrated his monitor with it and the gray card and the colour gray on the screen look almost identical.

I can get a better colour match by using my eyes then the spyder can.

At this stage i could not recommend the spyder to anyone.

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