Magenta edge tinging at high ISO and a possible solution...

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Re: PROGRESS: version now supports PEF files...

dlacoutu wrote:

BudH : anyway, your idea is good... I'd love to have the means to add this application in my contextual menu in the explorer, be it for either a lone DNG or an entire directory...

To BudH and Dominique, I had considered this ability when I started the project, as I have written programs that add to the context menus before so a right click and "process with Pentax_K20D_RBC..." would do the job on either files or folders. So far, I have rejected this as it would involve an install/uninstall to put the program in a standard place and change the registry settings, so I haven't gone with the idea yet. Also, while I know how to do this for Windows, I don't know how to implement it for Linux or Mac, which I am also trying to support through Mono.

Any Linux or Mac gurus out there that know what is available there as to adding to context menus? Probably means modifying a settings file somewhere? Anyone know what the usual installation procedure is for Linux and Mac for a simple little program like this? I am guessing that it involves just creating a folder in bin for the program files and modifying some standard settings files as there isn't a registry? I have used Linux a few times and a Mac over the course of a week or so, but I'm afraid I don't have much experience with them other than being sure that Mono works.

Gordon, your application rocks (and my k20 sucks... ). Thanks for the time and for enduring me...

Dominique, the application is fast approaching the objective that I set out to accomplish, and is now close to making the K20D high ISO image quality almost as good as that of the K-7 samples I have and have seen - for good K20D samples. The K20D still seems to have more of the wide VPN problem on some camera samples and the "amp bloom" or whatever is affecting HPN as to the strong ridge on your camera. Sorry about this in that the person who actually got this project rolling appears to be the person that will derive the least benefit due to this camera defect!

Regards, GordonBGood

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