Magenta edge tinging at high ISO and a possible solution...

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Re: version on another camera

actually there is a small difference that can be seen even at this level (720x480), but you have to see/download original version of files I have uploaded (not the ones that can be seen as "preview" on skydrive page - those are compressed second time), also I juts learned that images hosted on skydrive can be posted here, so here it goes ;] (and those DNG files are straight from camera, so you can test yourself)

the main differene between v8 and v9 is a line slightly above half a photo (it is moved down a bit and maybe a bit more pronounced at least at this particular shot), but I haven't done any pixel-peeping yet... it's best visible when you download both versions and move back and forth between them in say XnView

nevertheless results from v8 or v9 are amazingly better than straight from camera




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