Is Pentax at IFA

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Re: Is Pentax at IFA

I don't see why the SR switch should matter. I think it makes sense to bury it in the menu. Who wants to constantly turn it on and off? I rarely turned it off on my K100 (only did it when I was doing tripod work) so it always felt like a stray switch sitting there.

Can you actually explain this to me? I don't get the rationale...

AlbertSiegel wrote:

A bit sad as I like the K20D far more than I do the K7. The K20D size and layout is as near to perfect (IMO) as I can imagine. I really do not at all like the changes to the layout and interface on the K7. The lack of a SR switch was the deal killer for me. The K7 feels more like an enhanced K-m than a upgrade to the K20D in my opinion and I have no plans to buy the K7 at all due to the interface.

Roland Mabo wrote:

It is official from Pentax that the K20D will not be replaced.
The K-7 aims at a higher market segment than the K20D.

Pentax are working on a K200D replacement, not K20D replacement, and this will be a sort of "baby K-7" to be released later this year - in time for the winter shopping.

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