Disappointing 7D dynamic range (Gabor's results): graphical representation

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Disappointing 7D dynamic range (Gabor's results): graphical representation

Here's the painful reality.

Canon has demonstrated some technological advances, but NOT at the pace we hope.

I have compiled some results from DXOMark and Gabor ( http://www.panopeeper.com/Noise/ReadNoise.txt ). All are based on RAW conversions and mathematical analyses.


(i) The results of 7D are based on a pre-production copy. But I doubt the final production copy is going to be any better.

(ii) Comparing DXOMark and Gabor's results for 50D, we see that Gabor's results slant on the more optimistic side for Canon. Even then the 7D is NO MATCH for the D90/D5000/D300s sensor.

(iii) Dynamic range is not everything to sensor quality. One should also consider 18% grey signal to noise ratio as well as color sensitivity (which hints how much chroma noise one can expect). SNR should be rather similar between the various cameras.

IMHO, Canon's sensor technology has come to a stand still now.

I was hoping Canon would have accomplished something miraculous with their 7D. But the reality is that they have not.

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