7D noise reduction: where did the texture go?

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7D noise reduction: where did the texture go?

I was exploring the qualities of the new Canon 7D with the IR comparometer and I was pretty amazed with the high iso qualities.

But than I found something strange when comparing the 7D against the other "seven": the Pentax K-7.

The noise reduction approach of the two camera makers, P & C, is so different. The Pentax has definitely more luminance noise but fine detail is preserved much better than on the Canon.

So, I think that if the target is printing the pictures, the Pentax approach is better overall, because the noise is fine grained an visually non disturbing while preserving the fine detail that makes the picture look real (someone say 3D). The Canon is smoother making some parts of the picture look a little flat.

So show my findings here are two 100% crops (the two cameras have similar resolution 18Mp and 15Mp) at iso 1600, where the situation is obvious, and also at base iso (100).

Even at iso 100 you can see hints of NR in the 7D image, which may again pose the problem of setting an upper limit on total pixel number.
Please tell me what you think.
I was pretty impressed of the results, frankly.

We'll have to see what happens using raw files.
Bye bye.


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