G11 circled by MFT and APS-C compacts, flaming arrows, G11 out gunned...

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G11 circled by MFT and APS-C compacts, flaming arrows, G11 out gunned...

Sorry to say this, because I really "love" my Canon cameras, and it's painful to say this, but wow, could Canon have dropped the ball any harder, or louder?

Panasonic GF1 (mft) and Leica X1 (apsC) both outed on the same day... http://43rumors.com/

Both cameras with a prime lens in the same size range as the G11, granted it has a zoom, and yes, I know the G11 has the zoom, but as I almost never use the zoom, it does not factor as much of an advantage to me.

In Canon's defense I will say, the S90 is truly more compact, and the small size justifies the small sensor. And I might buy a S90 to have a truly compact modern camera.

And, I am so content with my 1Ds mark II and 5D mark II I don't even care what FF cameras Nikon or Sony put out. They can have my 1Ds mark II when they pry it from my cold dead hands as far as I'm concerned.

But the G11? Is it a joke? Are Canon's corporate spies asleep at the wheel? Do they really expect me to shoot with that size of a camera with such a small sensor? I guess they do.

I will be purchasing a GF1 or an X1 and it will be the first non-Canon digital camera I have ever shot. Thats right... ever shot. I have never taken a single photo with a non-Canon digital camera. Never pushed a button that did nt say Canon.

But man, Canon has lost me today, at least in the semi-compact category.

Other than the fact it will not say Canon, my dreams are coming true...

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holding out for a high quality FF compact...

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