Oh MAN!! What a strange, strange dream...

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Oh MAN!! What a strange, strange dream...

Sept. 3, 1999

Hi John,

Talk about warped, I dreamed last night that I had fallen into a time tunnel and was shot forward ten years. (I gotta stay away from that hot Mexican food.) I was sitting in front of my computer and reading about cameras on the internet, and you're never gonna believe what I read.

Get this. Everybody seemed to be shooting with a digital camera; as far as I could tell, film was dead. Now, you and I both know that can't happen. (And I've never been wrong about anything yet!) My teacher at school told me it would take more than 6 megapixels (whatever that is) to equal the quality of 35mm film. He told me that big industries might make such a camera, but it would cost too much for the rest of us. Film he said, will always rule.

But I was reading right there on my screen about a new camera that had 18 megapixels (yes, eighteen), and it cost less than two thousand bucks. And here's the kicker--nobody wanted it. At least that's the impression I got from reading letters about this thing.

But here's what's strange. I looked all around and found a page that showed pictures from this camera, and let me tell you, they were really good. If I didn't know better, I'd say they looked more appealing than the slides from my XE-7 that I get back from the lab.

And here's something that'll just shock you. They showed a picture of two people sitting on a bench in the dark, and it was shot at ASA 800, and I couldn't see any grain in it. None. But I did find a little grain in one of their pictures, and I swear, the caption stated that it was shot at 6400. Yes, I know that isn't possible, since there isn't a number that large, but the image was so clean I couldn't believe it. It made my ASA 400 slide film look like crap.

They'll never make a camera like that in ten years. Not even in a hundred. And to show you how crazy my dream was, this same camera could shoot movies. That's right, and these movies made my TV's picture look stupid.

If I was rich and could afford something like that right now, how much would that thing cost me? Maybe $40,000? In my dream they were selling it for less than $20,000, (their stated price was an obvious typing blunder), and for that much I think I'd grab it. It wouldn't do me any good to own one, actually, since they could never make memory cards big enough to hold more than one or two pictures, but I'd be the talk of the town.

With its limited use, I can see why so many people were complaining about this new camera. If it was a tenth of the price, and there was a way for it to take a lot of pictures, nobody would be whining that it wasn't good enough. (And I don't dare tell you all the other things this camera could do.)

Maybe by the 22nd Century, somebody will make such a camera. Until then, film rules, and will for the rest of our lives. I don't mind. Nobody judges my pictures by how much grain is in them, or by how much detail they're missing. My teachers only care about how good my compositions are. And I suppose that's the way it should be.

By the way, Sheryl's coming over tomorrow night to watch the football game with me. Why don't you and Terri come on over and we can make a pizza party out of it. Later.

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