I'm buying the 7D. I'm very impressed.

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Fourth Wish-list item Canon Missed

One huge fourth missing wish-list item I discovered is the following:

4. AUTOMATIC CORRECTION OF LATERAL CHROMATIC ABERRATION. This is a huge advantage for Nikon's latest DSLRs. It is a pain to have to additionally post-process photos to remove the discoloration of lateral chromatic aberration. Canon's consumer lenses have this defect in spades. Nikon's DSLRs automatically remove this lens induced defect. Canon's DSLRs do not. I wish Canon could add this as a firmware upgrade since it is doable and would automatically improve the look of its consumer lens photos.

Again, it isn't a show stopper that prevents me from purchasing the 7D. It is simply an additional annoying step in post-processing of even JPEG files, having to use DxO software to remove lateral chromatic aberration.

It would be nice if Canon could add this in a firmware update so allow its JPEGs to be used right out of the camera like Nikon's JPEGs can be.;

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