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Re: Update on My Experiment

Saint Yves wrote:

I have a D700 with a 50mm 1.4 lens and a G10 (you've been there I think)
I have a 3 y old boy (and you've done that too)

3 and 5. they're both tiring of my camera. 5 year old went to kindergarten yesterday. maybe 40 or so pictures of that event. still on card.

I have to admit I understand you. I sometimes wonder what do I do with thousands of pictures per year . Before digital I would use 8-10 rolls of 24 exposures per year , mostly during hollidays. With my A80 I kept about 400 pics per year but recently (after going through S5is, 40D) with D700 and G10 the quantity of pictures has become a bit overwhelming (both shutter count and "keepers" count)

This is a hobby I enjoy, however I think I need to learn to be more discriminating and learn to produce less but better pictures, considering how little time I have available for this it begins with shooting fewer shots!.

i have an old pentax film camera w/ 50/1.4 lens. i'm using 400 speed films w/ it: kodak c41 bw film, and a color negative film. 1 or 2 rolls per month developed at costco when i'm there for shopping.

i'm finding the above is about the only way i'm to get prints these days. the digital files never seem to get printed.

What I have started doing is going over past month folders and delete all the so-so pics to reach a max of 75 pics per month (which still amounts to 900per year, huge amount for me !) .

I am not patient enough to wait several weeks before downloading the pictures on the PC, but I agree that going through more pictures at the same time makes us more discriminating :however I can never find the time to go through 2k pictures in one run!

I hope this works for you

me too. i like the process of taking pictures and i like the end result...a nice series of images to flickr and some nice prints. but i HATE everything in between. that's why i'm trying to develop a workflow that minimizes all the crap in the middle and puts things on auto pilot.

I like photo albums and for 2008 I have printed one book per quarter with around 80 pics in each of them(so total 320 for a year printed) while I have uploaded 600 pics for last 12 months on my flickr account....

and i've probably uploaded 3000 images to flickr...way too much. and many redundant pics. my capture and weeding-out process needs major refinement. so while others lash out about how crazy my post is, i understand that there might be some (like me) that find it worthy of discussion.

as for selling the D700 , I would not, but if you feel more free like this , good for you! subject, composition and light often matter more than gear....

twas w/ a heavy heart, but the pentax me super w/ 50mm lens is a much smaller/lighter package which forces me to make some prints. AND i don't need to worry about banging it around when i'm farting around w/ the kids.

I am curious how you will manage so, let us know!

me too, but this latest panasonic announcement has me thinking.

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