ColorEyes Display Pro and Snow Leopard

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Re: ColorEyes Display Pro and Snow Leopard

I'm out of town right can't check. However, I beleive I'm running CEDP 1.52 and have used it to "successfully" calibrate my 24 iMac prior to upgrading to Snow Leopard.

I just installed Snow Leopard last Friday. Now, everytime I start up my iMac, I get a message to the effect "profile is outdated" and the LUT loader processs (?) hang's (ie I have to hit "OK" after it hang's and all messages go away).

Snow Leopard replaced my profile when I upgraded to one that it created (ie same old "too bright" display, etc...). I simply set the profile back to the one I had been using (ie pror to SL) and the display "seems" to have returned to my previously calibrated setting (ie brightness goes "way down")...however, hard to know for sure.

When I look at the current system profile in CEDP, the profile information is missing. So, something definitely seems to be broken. I haven't tried yet to create a new profile (ie after upgrade to SL) not sure if that works. Over at CEDP technical forum, there appears to be a few having similar problems.

I'm not very impressed by the tone of the repspones I'm seeing from Jack Bingham on the CEDP technical forum site (he seems to be a principal of some soft with CEDP company). Here is an excerpt of one of his responses to one of the folks having problems:

"As we have said over and over again, there will be issues. We strongly recommend that customers hold back on apples regular updates. No clearer evidence is required then apple breaking ddc communication with the 10.5.6 upgrade. Now we have an entirely new operating system and there are expectations that this thing will just work? Patience is required here while we slog through this stuff but it is more likely that Coloreyes is fine and apple broke more stuff so you may all be waiting for Apple to fix what they broke, and we can't make that happen any faster."

We've all paid a fair sum for CEDP product....I'd like to see a bit more of a reassuring message that they will find a solution!

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