Brutal bright light, saved in Lightroom demo, GRDIII

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Joel Stern
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Re: Brutal bright light, saved in Lightroom demo, GRDIII

VladimirV wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

Why would you say it is made to be used RAW when it does indeed give outstanding JPEG performance? maybe you can do more with a RAW file but is that the intent of this camera?

It gives a good JPG performance but RAW is much better in every respect so yes, the intent is to use RAW on it.

Also be aware that Lightroom usually shows you the RAW files and not the JPG as it stacks the files (one reason I don'l like or use LR) so what you see and percieve as a JPG can be in fact a RAW file processed with default settings in LR.

Download Faststone ( and use the fullsize view for DNG, then compare the DNG and JPG in there to see some of the differences or export a file from LR and compare it with the JPG file.

Not Mac Friendly, maybe Aperture will indeed be a better bet, thanks for the info on LR.

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