OK, OK, OK! So just what DO you want in the A700 followup????

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OK, OK, OK! So just what DO you want in the A700 followup????

Seems like the A500/550 and Canon's 7D has shaken up the hornets nest with people dissing feature X and moaning about the lack of feature Y etc. etc.

So just what DO you want in the next camera?

Here's my take [even if I don't ever get to buy it!]:

Keeping the good stuff in the A700 and add or change to the following:

1. 100% viewfinder. 1.0x magnification. Canon's done it, so can Sony.

2. 15+ REALLY FAST cross-type AF points with at least the centre (double cross) working till f/8.
Some strategic AF points on the proverbial thirds.
Sensitive down to -0.5 EV same as 7D or better.
3. 3 inch articulated OLED display.
4. ISO 6400 same as current Nikon D700 or better.
Improved Dynamic Range.
5. Some kind of memory card management configurability. Add your desire.
6. Auto HDR with a greater range and number of images.

7. If implemented, LIVE View and video that works and works better than the Panasonic GH1.
8. Viewfinder Grid as in 7D - nikon had this for years already.
9. Bring the flash control up to Nikon and now canon's level. OR Better.
10. For the real gadget freaks: GPS, WIRELESS Xmssn etc. in the optional BG.
11. Of course: improved SSS.
12. Lens micro AF adjustment.
13. Flash sync speed up to 1/400s - It can be done. Even if you have to disable
SSS to have it. I want it!

14. Mega pixels???? 12 to 16 would be fine. More is better if noise can be controlled.

Now you can add yours. Have fun.

Not strickly camera: Excellent ultra wide angle lens to go with it e.g. 10-20/4mm.

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